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My work starts with the vision of a slice of time or the emotive quality of a moment. I build up layers of pigments: scribe, scribble, scrape back, and texture my work, allowing each piece to reveal its own story and emerge from the voice of the paint itself. The work focuses on the transitory nature of time and memory as they relate to my everyday life.

I incorporate the Zen sensibility of Wabi-sabi, highlighting the impermanence and imperfection of beauty as exemplified in nature and the passage of time. There is a collaboration between me and the materials used: building, adding more and more elements, and then stepping back to reduce the work to its purest form. Viewers are taken on a journey and construct their own reality in each work.

I leave my emotions on the canvas, captured in paint.



Portrait of artist, Charles A. Kacin

“I don’t paint pictures...
I leave my emotions on the canvas.”


b. 1958

    Northern Illinois University 1976-1980 B.A. Journalism
    National Louis University 2000 M.A. Ed
    Attended the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, American Academy of Art,
    Chicago, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

    Art2Life Creative Visionary Path--Intensive 12 month workshop with Nicholas Wilton

    Art2Life Academy--Continuation of work from Art2Life Program

Worked as a educational textbook layout editor, an award winning magazine art
director and Professor of Graphic Arts Technology.

Lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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